Do you just love hearing us say “lock out”  “all the way down” “full range of motion” and various other ways of saying the same thing?  Do you think we say this just to torture you?  For the record, we say it to make you better.  When you shorten the movement you are essentially shortening it’s benefit to you.  We aren’t trying to be mean and we aren’t picking on you. We want you to progress and the only way to do that is to do the movement legitamately. If you hear a trainer repeat “get that chin over the bar” 3 times, you probably aren’t getting that full range of motion. When you brush your teeth every day (let’s hope you do), do you only brush the bottom and not the top?  If you want to get better you NEED to complete the movement. The most popular goal I get from people is that they want to do strict pull ups. You will not get a strict pull up if you do not get your chin over the bar and fully extend your elbows at the bottom. It took me a full year to get 1 strict pull up and it would have taken longer if I were shortchanging myself by not doing full range of motion. Most of all, don’t sell yourself short during the movement. You are doing the work so do it all the way. I’ll take one real pull up over 10 half pull ups. Let’s also talk about the functionality of full range of motion. If you were trying to get over a barrier (for any reason..hopefully not criminal) you would need to complete a full range of motion movement to get over that barrier. You would not be able to start at a half hang. You would start at the bottom, arms locked out, and heave your little body ALL the way over! Don’t compromise for a better time or a better score, do it for yourself and I promise you will see results. Work hard team!!!  –Coach ALow

Saturday’s WOD:
Squat Clean to Thruster

Plyo Push Up

Dumbbell Snatch

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