Grain free quiche recipe.  Not sure if I already posted this, just wanted to make sure you guys saw the recipe.  Chrissy made this for us after LeeAnne’s surgery and it was delicious.  It was really nice to have a good crust that actually stayed together.

Tuesday’s WOD:

Strength:  Push Press 3RM, drop to 80% for AMRAP


1.  Pull Up Ladder Starting at 3 Reps:  you will do 3 pull ups the first min, 4 the next min, 5 the next, and so on until you are unable to complete the number of pull ups for that minute.  Rules: all forms of pull ups are ok, you must stick with the same size band for the whole ladder, and go light on the band so you may get stronger!

2.  As soon as you finish your pull ups, start on 3x250m Row Sprints.  These are all out efforts and will require equal to 3x the time to recover.  Recover every time so you can give it your all every set.


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