Just some reminders on the pull up frontier.  There is a program that is taped on the wall by the WOD board.  This program has helped many of us get our first strict pull up.  Please give it a look and get started with the program asap.  Also, for your shoulder health and longevity, it is crucial that you acquire the strength needed to support yourself during the kipping pull up by getting strict pull ups first and that you are working regularly to achieve the flexibility to go into the extreme range of motion needed to complete the kip.  Please don’t skirt these two things, your shoulders need love too.


Thursday’s WOD:

AMRAP 3min/1min off, 5 Rounds

Hang Power Snatch  10x  (wt: 30kg, 20kg.  Rx+: 40kg, 30kg)

Toes To Bar  10x

Get Ups  5x

*Score is total number of reps.  You will learn the Get Up.

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