The pull up progression one month challenge is officially over!  How did you all do?  Are you going to keep with it until you are off the band completely?  I highly encourage all of you to continue!  Tomorrow, Friday, we will be doing strict pull ups in the skills portion.  I would love for a lot of you to test where you are now with one strict pull up or one strict chest to bar.  See if you can get one without a band or even with a much smaller band than one month ago.

Would you guys like to see more challenges like this one?

Friday’s WOD:


Strict Pull Up: get your first one, do the pull up progression workout you are on, 5×5-10 regular or strict or weighted.  Make them perfect: no arching your back, no flailing legs, etc.


Team of Two Complete 4 Rounds

30 Box Jumps  (24in/20)

25 Push Ups

20 DB Power Snatches (you choose)

200m Run (only one person can run at a time, each person must run a 200m each round)

*You must complete each exercise prior to moving on.  You may break up as you see fit.  One person works at at time.  Have fun.  Row or Bike as a sub for running: row 250m or bike 1 min.

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BEEF · February 20, 2015 at 7:25 am

Yes! more challenges! They are effective and motivating. While doing one challenge, PRs pop up in others.

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