Ok, here are the details.  Each person will complete the pull up progression twice in a month.  That is 18 total workouts.  Which means you will be doing pull ups 4-5x a week.  Every time you complete a workout, you will check it off the big board that we will have filled out tomorrow.  I realize that most of you do not come to CFSL 4-5xweek.  You can either just swing in quickly to do your pull ups or you can go to a local park or you can get an over the door type pull up situation.  You can unweight yourself by putting your feet up on something.  Obviously, this won’t be perfect, oh well.  Most things aren’t perfect.  Make it work!  It is important that you get in the workouts!  If you fail a workout, NBD, just redo it until you can complete it properly.  There is absolutely no kipping when doing this.  It defeats the purpose.  If we are doing pull ups in the WOD, you can incorporate the pull up progression workout to the WOD.  This can be for people who are on bands and want off or people who would like to up their game by doing chest to bar pull ups.  Let’s do this!  What questions do you have?

Tip of the Day:  If you sit all day or are on the stiffer sides of things, show up 5 mins early and hit the bike for 5mins or run through extra line drills.  Try doing a little tabata on the bike, etc.  Get yourself warmed up, before the warm up!  Some of us just need a little extra.

Friday’s WOD:


Dips and Ring Rows: Alternate 5-10 reps, 5 Rounds.  Really make them perfect and hard.


5 Rounds

10 Push Jerks (Rx: 50kg/35kg. Rx+: 65kg/45kg)

10 Back Squat (same weight)

200m Run

*Scale the weight as needed.  You will need to put the weight on your back for the squat.  Please be safe and smart with this.

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