Ok, people, I know that I have made it difficult for you to understand what is going on with your weights because I insist on using the metric system for our bumper plates. The metric system is here to stay. So let’s figure out how to make proper increases when lifting weights, shall we? First of all, one kilogram is approximately 2.2045lbs. So even though you think you aren’t making an enormous jump because the number seems smaller, you are incorrect. Please realize that for each kilo you add, this is double in pounds. Are you following me?

Other things to consider: 1. on upper extremity max efforts, your jumps are smaller thank the lower body. 2. jumps should be incremental and making sense to your brain. 3. it should take you 6-8 sets including your warm up sets to hit your max. (some of us older, stiffer people could use a few more warm up sets)

I have seen so many lifts missed because of poor choices in increasing the weights. Either because there were too many sets taken or because the body/brain was not ready for the enormous increase in weight.

Wednesday’s WOD:

Skill: Muscle Up Work: same as last week, work on whatever you don’t have at this time: strict dips/pull ups/chest to bars/false grip/or transition. Spend 10mins on this. If you have muscle ups, work on hitting a certain number in a row or in a time frame.

Strength: Max Turkish Get Up: SAFELY. Spend 10mins finding the heaviest TGU you can safely complete. Newer members, members uncomfortable with the form, or anyone who doesn’t want to find a max, do 3×3 each side.



3 Rounds For Time (Rx+ 5 Rounds 55/35# db)

10 DB Power Clean and Push Jerk (you choose the weight)

10 Toes 2 Bar



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