Let’s get real, most of us avoid doing our stretching and postural, rehab-y type exercises because they are boring. Well do you avoid brushing your teeth because its boring? Go for it, see what happens. OR, and probably a better idea, continue to do the things that are good for you and add postural/flexibility work to your routine.

Working on posture and flexibility can be what finally gets your knee to stop hurting or your shoulder to feel less pressure or your back from driving you nuts, etc. It can also help you finally get a lift that’s been eluding you. Correcting long standing inflexibility or significant postural problems takes a lot of consistent work and I would venture to say it is a lot harder than adding weight to your lifts or getting a pull up. You must be working on this throughout the day, every day. It can be so simple. I will post things you can do at work in the next few days. Today, we will focus on using the foam roller when you come to the gym or at home if you have one. Plan to come to the gym a few minutes early and put these in, even if its just the resting position.

Foam Roller Exercises


Monday’s WOD:

Skill: Overhead Squat 3x10reps, this will be lighter than last week most likely. Again, your form must be great to go up in weight. Using the bar or the PVC is perfectly acceptable. Squat therapy, hip flexibility, squat holds to warm up.

Conditioning: It’s time



Thrusters (wt:43kg/30kg)

Pull Ups

* compare June 17th. Please use the appropriate weight for you and share your stations. This is a PR board WOD, if squat depth or counting is a challenge for you, please have someone help you.

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