The CrossFit Games Open starts this week.  The first WOD will be released on Thursday at 5pm and then every week for five total weeks.  Your CFSL team will do these WODs between Thursday through Monday.  The biggest group will be on Saturdays at 10:30am.  Come out and cheer your teammates on.  We could also use help judging, etc.  Please park in the back lot.

The open wods are sure to be a good show!  Who’s pumped?

Monday’s WOD:


Goblet Squats 8 x 5 reps heavy as you can with good form.


AMRAP 12min

12 Weighted Sit Ups  (15kg/10kg)

70 Feet Plate Pinch Carry Bilateral (wt: 15kg/10kg)

30 Quick Feet On Your Plate  (use your plate)

**Use the weight that is appropriate for you.  Remember, 70 feet is approximately 6 mats long ways there and back.


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