Tomorrow I am taking off for Chicago for the Pan American Masters Weightlifting Championships.  I lift on Saturday afternoon and Ernie lifts Sunday midday.  Please watch for updates.  Also, if you would like to donate to assist us with travel costs for the World Masters Games in August, please check out the pledge sheet that is at the front of the room.  It’s like an old school walk-a-thon.  You can pledge an amount per kilo Ernie and I lift this weekend.   Pledges accepted until Sunday morning!  Thank you to all of you who have donated and pledged.

Thursday’s WOD:

Strength: Deficit Deadlifts 5×3@ 75% of 1RM DL (if the coach determines this isn’t safe for you, you will go from the floor)


800m Course:

You will do 40 walking lunges (each step counts)

Then run to the corner past the 400m mark

Do 40 walking lunges

Run to the 800m turn around.

Do 40 walking lunges

Run back to 400m mark

Do 40 Walking Lunges

Run back to CFSL.

Please don’t make this more confusing than it needs to be!  Lunges/Run/Lunges/Run Ok?  If you are remarkable sore in your hamstrings from Monday, please be mindful of how you are feeling during the lunges and back off if needed.

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