This Sunday we will have two members running the Oakland Half Marathon, Julie W and Amy M.  Wish them good luck!  Anyone else participating?

Also, there is a triathlon in Oakland on August 31, 2014.  We already have one individual one team.  Feel like getting your race on?  Join us!



Sunday’s WOD:

“Broomstick Mile”  Teams of how many ever you like.  Stay together.

With the PVC or a Bar:  (it’s meant to be VERY light)  RX+: 30kg/25kg

25 Back Squats/25 Front Squats/25 Overhead Squats

400m Run

25 Shoulder Presses/25 Push Presses/25 Push Jerks

Run 400 meters

50 Squat Cleans  (bar starts just below knees)

Run 400 meters

50 Power Snatch  (bar starts just below knees)

Run 400 meters

*Stay with your teammates, so pair up with people who are at a similar level to you.  If you are new or not at the level to do 50 consecutive reps of a movement, reduce the reps for yourself.  You can choose to cut them in half, etc.  Just have a plan before you start, please!

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