The boxes now have numbers on them. 18, 20, 24, the number depicts the height. Please stack them with the same “numbered” boxes. Each stack should contain three. If there are four I will slap you. KthnxIloveyoubye!

Coach Reets

Also, if you are the last one using the rings for the muscle up, please put them away.  Try being 5’1″ and getting those things down.

Keeping with this theme, let’s talk about how to help me help you!  The class size is getting such that it is imperative that you are paying attention and being quiet while the coach is going through skills and the WOD.  Please pay attention and give your coach your focus when getting instructions and technique training.  This helps you have a better workout, so please help me HELP you!

Thursday’s WOD:

1 mile time trial.  Compare to 8/18/11


Back Squat:  50-60% 1RM  3 sets of 10 unbroken.  There is a range on the weight because if 50% doesn’t feel very difficult by rep 9, you need to move up a little on the weight.

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