Photo: Check us out!We have Olympic weightlifting class returning to the schedule tomorrow!  Wednesday’s at 10am and Thursdays 6:30pm.  You must sign up online or using your MindBody Connect App.  Thursday night is already filled up.  We will open more classes if the popularity persists.  Still some room tomorrow morning.   Only people who are signed up online will enter class.

Somehow the post with the request for motivational quotes was eaten by the cyber people, probably flippy.  Can you please post your favorite quotes for me again?

Wednesday’s WOD:


30 Burpees For Time.  YAY!



10 Thrusters  (43kg/30kg)

10 Push Ups (Rx+: Ring Push Ups)

Options: 10 rounds, 7 rounds, 5 rounds.   Please scale to 5 rounds if you are newer to CFSL.  Compare to 9/4/13.



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