On our last post about nutritional needs (look back to 12/29/15) we left off with the basics formula.  Let’s get a little more in detail on how to work with those numbers.

Step 4: Ok,  my meal is now 32g of protein, 40g of carbs, 19g of fat (one protein shake per day for me).  So, how do I build this meal?  Some people love using apps to keep track of what’s in their food to meet these needs.   Some people hate that and need less hassle.  I have found that just averaging everything and have set amount each meal is the easiest.  Every meat will have a slightly different protein amount per ounce of physical weight.  I’ve learned to just call all lean meat 6 grams of protein per ounce.  Therefore, I need 5.33 OUNCES of meat per meal.  A cup of green veggies is around 7g of carbs, a cup of cooked grains is 40g of carbs, one medium apple/orange/banana is ~25g.  Each meal of mine will have a cup of veggies and a piece of fruit or 3/4 cup of grains.    Fat: let’s say one serving is 15g of fat.  Since I am at 19g of fat per meal and my meat probably has a little fat in it, I am just going to round down to one serving which is usually 1 tbsp of olive oil or such.   Meal:  5.3 ounce meat, 1 cup veggies, 3/4c grains, 1 tbsp oil.

Step 5:  Food quality:  choose real foods, plain and simple.  Getting your 40g of carbs from candy is not going to give you the health you want.  Every meal should involve a veggie, healthy carbs like grains/fruit/sweet potato, fats should be from healthy sources, and a leaner meat.  Side note:  if you do eat a fatty cut of meat, just don’t add the additional fat to that meal.

Now you have a basic plan.  After you stick with this for about two weeks, assess how you are responding.  This includes your energy, your appearance, your athletic performance, your weight or measurements, etc.  If things are moving in the direction you would like, great!  Keep at it until you either want a change in your body requiring a change in the plan or when things stop going in the right direction.  For example: if I am trying to drop weight and I stop dropping any weight or measurements for about two weeks, I am going to reduce my fats a little bit.  See how things go, then reassess.  The other thing I highly recommend is to practice being very honest with yourself.  Are you truly following the plan?  This is all numbers.  If things aren’t changing, something is off and it may be the simple additions we do without thinking.   Look honestly at what you are doing.  To make a big shift in your body, it takes hard work and some sacrifices.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Remember, this is just a start.


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