Last day at the new gym.  Please help us move everything from the old gym to the new location tomorrow at 10:30am.  If you have a truck, please bring it or borrow one!  There is also a little painting and cleaning that still needs to be finished at the new location, if you love that kind of thing

Sunday’s WOD:

Teams of Three:  work at the same time

6 Rounds (each teammate gets two lovely chances at each station)

14 Front Rack Stationary Lunges  (Rx: 40/25kg. Rx+:50kg/35kg)

Burpees (keep going until lunges are completed)

Toes to Bar (keep going until lunges are completed)

200m Farmer Carry with Two Plates (15kg/10kg) pinch grip.  AS A TEAM, share the burden of the two plates.


*your score is total number of burpees.

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