A few exercises to help with stressful days.

Monday’s WOD:


Shoulder Press: 3x 8-10reps @ ~ 70% of best.



Push Ups

Ring Rows


*This will be our test WOD for the push up challenge.  Please start at 9 instead of 10 if you are newer.

INFO about the push up challenge:

There are two different workout programs for the push up challenge.  The first one is for people without push ups and the second is for people who are capable of push ups.   Please check out the rep schemes on the papers by the big white board.   (if you need to start without being able to come in the gym, email me and I will forward you the reps.)

I marked the lower pins on the four outer corners of the rig to make it easier for you guys to keep track.  Once you complete a workout, move your little magnet over a spot.

image image


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