5k Run for time



Every now and again we all can experience a little burnout, excessive fatigue, nasty attitudes, etc. from continued high intensity of exercise.  Read the following for a little insight into overtraining and how to be better judge of how your body is handling your workout schedule and life schedule.



"It is no secret among athletes that in order to improve performance you’ve got to work hard. However, hard training breaks you down and makes you weaker. It is rest that makes you stronger. Physiologic improvement in sports only occurs during the rest period following hard training. This adaptation is in response to maximal loading of the cardiovascular and muscular systems and is accomplished by improving efficiency of the heart, increasing capillaries in the muscles, and increasing glycogen stores and mitochondrial enzyme systems within the muscle cells. During recovery periods these systems build to greater levels to compensate for the stress that you have applied. The result is that you are now at a higher level of performance. "      Mark Jenkins, MD from Rice Univ.          Read More



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