Hi guys, we know that sometimes you come into the gym and are strapped for time. Maybe you grab a water or tape and just get into the class thinking you’ll pay at the end. We get it, sometimes you forget because you have to rush to work or realize you do not have your wallet. It happens. Tape and water are not free for us either. These are items we sell for your convenience. Please remember to pay up so we can continue to provide these awesome things to you.

On the fridge we have a sheet for you to sign if you take something.( I will be making a more user friendly one, use it!) This is a serious honor system issue guys. If things continue to disappear we will have to really crack the whip down and start treating you like normal consumers. Also as far as tape, water, and anything else we sell goes, please ask your trainer to retrieve it for you. Athletes are not supposed to be behind the desk, it’s a privacy issue.

Lastly FRS has provided us with some product. Basically it is a low calorie energy drink. If you would like to try it ask one of the trainers and Wwthey will provide you one, free status. If you do take one please give us your feedback, is a product you would like us to sell here or no?


Coach Reets

Wed. WOD:
Helen compare to April
3 rounds
400m Run
21 kettlebell swings
12 pull ups

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