What is metabolic syndrome?  Metabolic syndrome is the presence of the following risk factors that occur together and increase the risk of cardio vascular disease, heart disease, coronary heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

  • Excess weight around the midsection
    • 40 inches and above for Men
    • 35 inches and above for Women
  • High Levels of Triglycerides(Blood Fats) – Measured at the time of a blood test during your annual physical.
    • At or above 150mg per deciliter for men or women
    • Low levels of HDL (Good Cholesterol) – Again taken during your annual physical as part of the Cholesterol check(this includes Triglycerides, HDL(good), LDL(Bad)
      • Below 40mg – Men
      • Below 50 mg – Women
  • High Blood Pressure
    • At or above 130/85
    • High Fasting Blood Glucose Levels
      • At or above 100-110mg per deciliter

Tests that your Dr, ND or Holistic Nutritionist could run to check your risk factors are as follows:

  • Blood Pressure Test
  • Glucose Test
  • Cholesterol Test (HDL, LDL & Triglyceride breakdown)
  • Cholesterol Particle Size – This test isn’t always given, and sometimes only provided if client is at risk, or requests the test from their Dr or naturopathic Dr.

Work on consuming nutrient whole dense foods instead of processed junk laden foods (sugar, processed wheat – pasta, breads, etc), rancid seed or vegetable oils, avoid fried foods, etc.  Eat Kale, Spinach, Swiss Chard, really any and all whole veggies are great, Healthy Fats (coconut oil, coconut butter, pastured lard or tallow, EVOO, Avocado Oil, etc) and try to source your meat/poultry/fish from the best option available within your budget.  Grassfed, pastured or wild are always the most nutrient dense and lack the bad fats or toxins commercially raised animals have in their fat.

If you ever have any questions please reach out as I am happy to work with you one on one.  During the holiday season I will be running a special that I don’t typically offer and it might be that jumping off point you need for the new year!! Stay tuned for more details on this as it will be announced in late November.
Chrissy B
Tuesday’s WOD:
A. 1RM Weighted Pull Up
B. 5×5 Handstand Push Ups or Pike Push Ups

5 Rounds
10 Bent Over Row (Rx: 43kg/30kg.  Rx+:  60kg/43kg)
5-10 Dips
10 KB Swings (70lbs/53lbs)
*Choose the number of dips based on your ability.
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