Learning to focus.   This is so important for training and regular old life.  There have been so many training sessions where I decided I had to check my email.  In that email I found some thing that completely got my attention and then I couldn’t make my training weights.   Anyone else have this happen to them?  They went from doing well with whatever task they were doing and then get sucked into their emails/apps/texts and lost their rhythm?

The area of life that is even more important, is relationships with others.   We all make fun of it, the phone captivating an entire table of teenagers or friends out to lunch.  Yet, a lot of us still do it ourselves.  I know for sure I let my phone distract me from my children, my wife, my friends, and MYSELF.  It’s ok to sit in our own thoughts, check in with ourselves.  FUNNY, I just stopped writing this post to text someone a random thought.  Focus, it’s a struggle but vital.  How do you guys stay focused?

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