Chasing That W!  This is a short little blog about focusing what is in our control.  Winning or losing isn’t in our control.  How we perform or the choices we make during the process are in are control.

For example, in 2013 I competed at the Master’s Pan Am championship and the Master World’s Games and World Championship.  In both competitions I was so focused on winning or my opening attempt or hitting a certain total or letting people down, that in both competitions I failed my first two snatches forcing me into a do or die situation on the third attempt.  Because of that, I got a silver at the Pan Ams. At the World’s, I won, but at a price.  I tore my labrum (shoulder joint) on the third snatch.  My next event after the surgery and recovery from this injury was the Master’s Pan Ams in 2014.  This time around I did not worry one bit about winning or anything else I couldn’t control.  My focus was on what I could control; my warm ups, my eating/drinking, my music, my thoughts, etc.  I ended up going 5/6, making all my snatches, making a PR snatch and total, and breaking six records.   Not to mention, I enjoyed myself a lot more.

Check in with yourself when going for something important.  Are you focusing on things out of your control?  Are you focusing on things being “perfect”?  Work on focusing on what is in your control.

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