Have you guys been watching the Olympics??? Talk about some mental game masters!  These athletes are amazing.  Two that are near and dear to my heart are Morghan King and Jenny Arthur.  Both are olympic weightlifters and both are first time Olympians.  When I attended an old farts camp at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado two years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting them both and watching them train.  There were at least 8 other women at the center who were all training for the same goal, the Olympics.  These two ladies were standouts during my visit not simply because they were/are amazing athletes, but because of their mental game.  Both of them were great teammates even though this is primarily an individual sport.  They would cheer and cue the other women even if they were direct competition for placements on world teams and ultimately olympic teams.  They took coaching from their head coach without hesitation.  They maintained positive attitudes no matter how their session went.  No temper tantrums.  I never saw them “size anyone up”, they focused on their own lifts, their own corrections, their coach’s voice, and cheering for their teammates when they went heavy.  They put in extra work, they asked for more when it was appropriate.  Even their social media is different.  They are grateful and humble yet know their value.  It’s truly inspirational to watch athletes like this.  It was no surprise that these two ladies made it onto the Olympic Team.    Just watching the way they were in their world helped me tremendously.  It made me ask how much of my mental time was spent comparing myself to others, sizing up my “competition”,  devaluing myself by lacking confidence.  Can anyone relate to this?


Morghan lifted on Saturday.  She broke an American record from 2000 in the snatch.  She snatched 83kg at a bodyweight of 47.79kg.   She went on to clean and jerk 100kg, narrowly missing the jerk on 103kg.  Her final placement was 6th.  What an accomplishment.  Jenny will lift at the end of the week.  Check all the American weightlifters out if you get a chance.  They all have pretty amazing stories.  The third US female has been lifting for years, she made the olympic team in 2012, then was banned for a prohibited substance, made a come back clean, and made the olympics again.  I believe there are stories of her living in her car just to keep training about 5 years ago.  Our only male weightlifter also represented the USA in 2012.  He’s a VEGAN!!  And he is jacked!  He has a very strong faith and contributes heavily to his community.  GO team USA!!!

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