Tuesday’s WOD:


Shoulder Press 1RM, then drop to 80% AMRAP, then to 60% AMRAP



5 Rounds

5-10 Pull Ups

10 Overhead Squats (you choose)

*Both movements must be done unbroken.  Choose the reps and weight that will challenge you, but you will complete every round.  If you are very good at pull ups, do chest to bar and choose between 10 and 15.   Some ideas for the OHS: 60kg/50kg/45/40/35/30/25kg.  Rest between rounds no more than 2min.  There is no rest between the pull ups and OHS.


Are you ever left wondering how in the world you figure out your macronutrient needs?  Here is a simple solution but not always 100% accurate because every BODY is different.  This guide is for those who consume mainly a whole food diet approach (meat, veggies, fruit, healthy fats, nuts, seeds and full fat dairy if you can tolerate it).  In addition there multiple factors that play into your needs and the estimates what I am providing here could change based on stress, sleep, activity, exercise, diet, etc so please keep this in mind.

Protein:  Calculations: Current body weight not your goal weight  X (times) .7 (minimum) or 1.25 (maximum) = total number of grams needed for the day.  Take that number and divide it by 3 or 5 depending on how many meals you consume a day.
If you are looking to build mass go higher than your minimum needs per day.  There shouldn’t be a need to go over your maximum but for some this might happen from time to time.
Carbohydrates: Calculations: Current body weight X 1 is the total number of grams needed roughly for the day.  Divide that number by the total meals you consume in a given day.
I personally don’t like to go extremely low with my carbohydrates (fruit/vegetables) because they offer hormone stabilization in the body.  When a women goes too low with carbohydrate sources it can wreak havoc on the thyroid, adrenals and other hormones in the body.  It is sometimes a little easier for a male to go low carb for longer periods of time.  I think doing it sometimes is okay but all the time it’s just not a good idea.
Fat:  Calculations: Current body weight X .8 or 1 is the total number of grams needed roughly for the day.
When consuming  diet with whole foods that don’t consist of grains you will want to be SURE you are consuming enough healthy fats.  Fat helps keep our brain happy and our mind snappy and fresh.  In addition it helps sustain us much longer than say carbohydrates.  It also helps keep our blood sugar stable longer.   
Have a wonderful week!! Signing out from beautiful

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