In an effort to keep CFSL great, we are writing down and will be posting the Code of Honor.  This is stuff we all know, but maybe need a little reminding of here and there.

I am not one for punishments for not doing what is asked. I always feel the desire to do what is right will drive us, but I know that the fear of retribution is generally more powerful.  I will let you, the team, decide on a proper consequence for breaking the code.  Post to comments your vote for consequence.

Friday we will have the code hung up and there will be a large thing of disinfectant wipes mounted on the wall as well.  There is a towel that hangs next to the bars that is for wiping off chalk from the bars, dumbbells, etc.

CFSL Code of Honor:

1.  Be Respectful of Coaches: listen to instruction, stay focused.

2.  Be Respectful of Gym: keep chalk in bucket, put away ALL equipment including bands, boxes, etc.

3.  Be Respectful of hygiene:  clean the floors of sweat, chalk prints. clean all equipment immediately if abrasion occurs or if you have a cold.

4.  Be Respectful of Teammates:  Cheer and encourage.  Limit cursing and crass discussions.  Share equipment, not negative attitudes.

5.  Be Respectful of Equipment:  use only as intended or instructed.  Empty bars, kettlebells, dumbbells are NEVER meant to be dropped unless your safety is at risk.

6.  Be respectful of yourself:  Ask for Help.  Perform at your skill and ability level, not someone else’s.  Work on your weaknesses.

Thursday’s WOD:

AMRAP 15 mins

3 Power Snatches

5 Overhead Squats

15 Double Unders

wt: 35kg, 25kg

compare to Jan. 13th.  Look back before you start the WOD.

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Jason · April 20, 2011 at 9:05 pm

I like it. If you break one of the conduct codes, punishment should be coach’s decision; i.e burpees, run, etc. If you break a cleanliness code as deemed by coach who taught class, you must stay after and clean rest of gym before being allowed to join another CFSL class. Tough love here 🙂

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