A lot of us got comfortable with ignoring our nagging parents or nagging partners or nagging friends or any other person that nags.  I find that a lot of us have carried this into our training by ignoring those little nagging injuries or precursors to injury.  There are almost always warnings to the chronic injuries or overuse injuries that we see so much of in physical therapy and a few of us have here at the gym.  I am the first one to ignore, so I am with you all on this.  I can also tell you from repeated experience that this only slows you down in the long run.  Most of us try to push through because we don’t want to miss our training or we are hopeful that it will just work itself out.  Rarely does this actually ever happen.  It usually works itself out be becoming a major problem so we must take a break which is exactly what we were trying to avoid.  Take time out to pay attention to the nag in your shoulder or back or elbow.  There is a reason for the pain.  Maybe one muscle is weak so another muscle compensates and gets worn out.  Maybe there is a restriction putting too much force through the joint in an abnormal pattern.  Or even an old injury that still has scar tissue or adhesions restricting full range of motion.  The treatment could be as easy as 10mins a day of strengthening, stretching, and icing.  Ignore the nag and you will be sitting with me in the corner pouting because you can’t do the WOD as it’s written.  With that being said, I do realize that some injuries are not chronic and just happen like spraining your ankle or having a skiing accident, etc.  You can still train with these injuries and sitting in the corner with me doing a modified WOD is a WIN because you are still training and you will return without a loss in your fitness level.   Ask if you need help.

Friday’s WOD:

Shoulder Press: 5-5-5-5-5 increase per set


7 Rounds Not For Time

3 Box Jumps @ ~75%  (Rx+=5 reps)

10  Back Extension  (Rx+= 7x with 25lb plate)


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Chrissy Bernazzani · December 16, 2011 at 8:30 am

That photo has to be of Vince jumping. I am amazed at how HIGH he can jump! See ya later today for the workout! =D

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