Where I started in sept. 2008: I was doing push ups on the wall, jumping pull ups, dips on a box, using a 20# bar, a 18# kb, a 10# wall ball, didn’t know what a clean or a snatch was, and generally breathing really hard after all wod’s. My first wod was angie and i’m pretty sure it took me an hour.

Where I am now in 2011: I can do chest to floor push ups, handstand push ups, kipping pull ups, 9 strict pull ups in a row, ring dips, muscle ups, I can move a 53# kb, 20# wb, can clean 65 kg, snatch 47 kg, and still breathing hard.

The second paragraph did not happen over night.


Wednesday’s WOD:
2 Rounds

25 Overhead Squats (wt: 40, 25kg)

50 Kettlebell Swings(wt: 53lb, 35lb)

100 Double Unders

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