Schedule for this week:  Monday and Tuesday, normal schedule EXCEPT Jon, rowing coach extraordinaire, is willing to have a rowing class on Tuesday at 7pm since the holidays will have us closed for the next two Thursdays.  Wednesday will be 5/6/9/12/4:30.  Thursday we are closed completely.  Friday will be 7/9/12 only and open gym 10-12.

Monday’s WOD:


Overhead Squat:  work up to a heavy 5 rep.  This is ONLY if your form is GREAT.  There is absolutely no reason to push weight on this movement if you do not have the form.  You would get more benefit of working on the position via wall squats, etc.



Double Unders

DB Power Snatch

L-Sit On Rings

Lateral Skier Hops

*Scale the movements as needed.

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