We will have our annual Holiday Party on Dec. 13th at CFSL.  This will be a sit down dinner/buffet/potluck.  We will have a sign up sheet for food and beverage to bring.  There will be games, a white elephant party, among other things.  Please plan to join us to celebrate the holidays, each other, and one year in this awesome facility.

Wednesday’s WOD:

A.  Turkish Get Ups:  15 on each side.  Increase in weight as able.  Go heavy and do it perfectly.

B.  3x500m Row:  Go for a great time!  Give a good effort every attempt and rest ample time between to recover.

C.  5x Turf Run:  Not a full out sprint, more like 80-85% effort.

*Today should be treated as an all out effort day that requires a lot of focus.  These things seem easy, but to do them right and get the benefit, you must be all in during each movement and effort.

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