This Sunday will be a slightly different kind of Hero WOD.  The hero wasn’t killed in the line of duty or part of the military or police or any service agency.  This hero was just a guy, dumping wood into a pile after working on artwork in the form of surfboards for his children for Christmas.  This hero is/was my dad.  I’ve never written a workout for him, this is a first for me.  I welcome you all to use this Hero WOD to honor the heroes in your lives.   Heroes can be courageous in other ways than things like saving a drowning child, although he did save me from drowning in an open well.  They can save us from ourselves, save us from poor choices by giving sound, honest advice, they can save us by having our back even when we’ve made a terrible mess of things.   Think of your heroes and join me tomorrow in honoring them.

The Reasons Behind “ML Pardue”

The 63 rep buy in is because one of the last times I saw him during a visit to Florida, he pulled his shirt up a bit, smacked his belly and said “Look at that six pack!”  He had recently lost some weight and was working on his abs, apparently.  It was quite comical to me, he was a funny guy.  Sixty-three is the age he was when he died.  Too young for my liking.

The 5 rounds is because I wore the number five for basketball and volleyball.  My dad would do his best to get to every game he could, even after a very hard day’s work.  My dad was a land surveyor in Florida, in the swamps of Florida, I should add.  It was hard work, yet he would get to those games.  He would even bring us gatorade in a big orange cooler.  Just know that our basketball team won four games in like three years.  The volleyball team was decent, thankfully.

The reps for the workout are his birthday 9/11/44.   The snatch is because as long as I can remember he had a back problem which I inherited.  He loved watching me play sports and I think he would have been so impressed with what I have been able to lift given this back.  The snatch is an ode to resilience and his love of watching my sport of choice.  The push ups are because his arms were so strong in my memories.  I can remember holding onto his arm outstretched to the side and being able to just hang from his arm.  The double unders are because he liked to jump on the mini trampoline and jump rope.   I vaguely remember him having a goal of maybe 200 per day or something.

10464043_10152265198339005_8846325421057618218_nHappy Birthday, Dad.


Anonymous · September 11, 2016 at 10:15 am

This is awesome!


Anonymous · September 11, 2017 at 11:35 pm


    Glen Harelson · September 11, 2018 at 6:33 am

    Beautiful Ruth. Thank you!

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