Saturday, after the 8am Marcus Special, we could use a few extra hands to pack up a load to take over to the new gym. AND unload at the new gym. It won’t be much and will probably take 15 mins on each side. Thank you!  Please come by to see where your new CFSL home will be. Please disregard my filth and level of stress.

Friday’s WOD:


Strict Weighted Pull Ups 5×3 at a heavy weight.

Shoulder Press 5×3 at moderate weight.  Alternate these two.


30 DB PC/DB PJ (you choose the weight, should be heavy)

*every 2mins, do Farmers Carry to first corner and back with your DBs.

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Felipe · November 8, 2013 at 1:04 pm

Were is our new Gym?

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