Nicole "littlest lifter" L.

Did you know that our very own littlest lifter qualified for the 2011 American Open Weightlifting championship? This year the event is in Alabama. She qualified at her very first event which is no small accomplishment. We are excited for her to show her stuff and learn lots about national level lifting in a few weeks.  Not to mention, she will meet other tiny powerhouses.  Her weight class lifts on Dec. 2nd which is only three weeks away. This little post is to ask for your support in getting us both to the event as this is going to be rather costly. We are going to do a walk-a-thon style fundraising event. I really want to call it a jerk-a-thon, but it will be a clean&jerk-a-thon. Here is how it works: you will pledge a specific amount of money for every pound of weight we clean and jerk in 20 minutes. For example if I clean and jerk 100lbs 20 times, that’s 2000lbs. If you pledged .01 cent per pound, that would be twenty bucks. Follow me? Because this is fast approaching and thanksgiving is in two weeks, we will run this little fundraiser next week. Probably during open gym. ALow even volunteered to wear her onesie. If you would like to collect pledges and do the 20 mins of c&j with us, let me know. If you want to pledge, I will have a little sign up sheet on one of the whiteboards tomorrow. Thank you in advance.

Friday’s WOD:


5×3 increasing each set, compare to 10/17/11. Move more weight.


5 Round

8 DB thrusters (heavy for you)

6 Ring Rows

Farmer’s Carry there/back in gym  (53lbs, 35lbs)


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