Tuesday’s WOD:


Hang CHP: 5×3 at a heavy weight


5,7, or 10 Rounds

5 Pull Ups

10 Burpees

15 RKB Swings (Wt: 70/53lbs)

*Compare to 9/12/14.  Scale the weight as needed.


With Valentine’s Day just passed on Saturday I thought it was appropriate to share my experience on ways to work on keeping the mind healthy and your soul feeling loved.  Do you ever find yourself feeling bogged down with thoughts from so many stressful things going on or negative thoughts about your own body image?  I think it probably happens to all of us from time to time.  How we deal with the stress or negative thoughts in our mind is what matters.  Everyone typically thinks of working out to relieve stress and stay in shape and some think of food to help this as well.  Both of these are great but the health of our mind also plays into longterm health.  I feel like the majority of us probably don’t think about the health of our mind and how the thoughts we think hinder or help our long term health, digestion and energy.  Or maybe you do…if you do good for you!!  A couple of weeks ago I started repeating a positive mantra to myself in the mirror upon waking and starting my day of interaction with my family.   I will admit straight away it felt a little awkward but over time it begins to feel natural.  Each day I have left the bathroom with a smile on my face and feeling more open to give love and be patient to others around me.

5+ Mantra Ideas: Repeat 10x in the mirror alone first thing in the morning or just before bed.  Feel free to smile at yourself!

1) I love you!
2) You are beautiful!
3) You are Healthy!
4) I believe in YOU!
5) You are Enough!

Self love helps us love others fully and be healthy from the inside out!  Food & Exercise can only take us so far!  Try this exercise for a couple of weeks (or longer).  Who knows it might be JUST what your soul was looking for!

Tune in next week for Soda/Pop/Energy drink replacement ideas!

Health & Hugs,

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