Happy Thanksgiving.  It seems fitting that our first holiday in the new space is Thanksgiving.  We are so thankful for this community and for all that you have brought to our lives.

Tomorrow we will have our first ever family friendly WOD At 8:30am!  I am hoping we have lots of fun.  Non-families are of course welcome.  I will make a family for you.  The WOD will be scaled UP for those that need it to be harder.  There will be certain rules that I will not waiver on:  1.  All children under 12 will use a PVC as their weight.  2.  Anyone new to our facility will fill out our waiver.  3.  Families must stay together at all times.   It’s a team WOD!  4.  Children 2 and under will be YOUR weight!

The movements will be:  a buddy carry walk or jog, burpees, thrusters, walking lunges.  Good times!


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