Three more weeks in December and 2014.  Who is going to knock out some goals before the new year?  Remember the last two days of this month we will have player’s choice WODs to hit these goals.

Monday’s WOD:


Clean + Front Squat + Front Squat: Compare to 8/12/13 and see if you can do more weight.  Spend 25-30min on this and work up to a heavy weight.  This is a full squat clean and then two front squats.  If you aren’t comfortable with the form on the clean, do a power clean and then two front squats.


5x 100 feet resisted runs.  Take a break between efforts and let your partner complete one run.  Watch out for each other.  (The turf is 100 feet long)

**If extra time, trunk mania.

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Jolly · December 9, 2013 at 3:13 pm

I heart Cleans

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