Good work today on your weightlifting.  Some of you have already seen gains in your
weights.  In the case where your 1 RM was a rough estimate or you just started lifting,
you may want to adjust your 1 RM up a little as we go as it is typical to see very big
improvements in strength in the beginning of a training program.  If you know your 1 RM
was legit and/or have been lifting for a while, follow the program within a kilo or two to see the full benefit.
Resist the urge to increase you 1 RM because the percentages are going to get higher and higher
and you will start to miss lifts and this will ultimately undermine the program.
Tuesday’s WOD:
Event 5 of the CrossFit Games Individual Event
7 Rounds For Time:
3 Cleans  (90kg/60kg)
4 Handstand Push Ups
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