Tomorrow we will host the Lift Up Autism event.   There is still time to register!  This is how things will run tomorrow:  regular Marcus Special at 8am.  Then all the Lift Up Autism people will do the workout in three heats starting at 9am.   The first heat will be the children’s heat.  Several of the children in the heat have an autism spectrum diagnosis.  Come out and see what the increased awareness, early intervention, and improved therapies can do.  Plus, all the children are very cute!

After the children’s heat, the rest of us will separate ourselves into two heats.  Scaling options for the workout:  reduced weight on the power clean, bands or ring rows for the pull ups or kids bar assisted pull ups, quick feet on plate instead of double unders.

Let’s make this fun!  If you have a shirt from last year, wear it.  Otherwise, please wear blue!  There will be open gym after the event if you would like to stay on and do the Marcus Special on your own.

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