Here are a few more details for the push up challenge:

1.   We will use the junior bars for those that aren’t able to do push ups on the floor yet.

2.  We will use bands for those that are already capable of doing push ups on the floor.IMG_3886IMG_3887

3.  You will have a similar rep scheme to the pull up challenge for the people on the junior bar.  For the people using the bands, the reps will be higher.

4.  The rules are the same as before, if you fail a workout, you will repeat that workout until successful.  If we are doing push ups in the WOD, do your program within the WOD.

Post to comments if you have more questions.  The workouts are next to the white board/sign up sheet.


Friday’s WOD:


Partial Pull Ups (the coach will explain to you)



EMOM x 5 mins 3 Reps either Power Snatch or Squat Snatch @ ~75% *Squat snatch only if you are good with the form.



3x 200m Runs.  Keep times similar.  Please don’t go nuts on these and pull something vital.  Just push yourselves and do great.

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