On May 29th the 7th Annual SLPD Swat Fitness Challenge will take place.  The event raises money for George Mark Foundation, which is the organization we raised money for in 2012.  Visit the fitness challenge web page for more info.

1.  The member’s appreciation party is this Saturday at 12pm til 2pm.  This is a brunch style potluck.  We will have yogurt, fruit, and other parfait type things and breakfast meats.  Please bring something to share.  We will give out the long term members thank you gifts!  Be there!  Children are welcome.

2.  If you would like to comment on the blog posts, which I would love, please make sure to enter your name.  No names go to approval pile and I probably won’t approve it without a name.  Thanks and happy commenting!

3.  It’s Friday!  Enjoy.

Friday’s WOD:

Skill/Strength:  Alternate 5 rounds

Front Raises 5-10x

Dips 5-10x (wt’d if needed)


“Tabata Something Else”

Pull Ups

Push Ups

Sit Ups


*Be consistent over the rounds.  Avoid blowing yourself out in the first two sets and then barely doing 1 rep the last few sets.

**Rx++ “Angie”  You may only do Angie if you promise not to hurt yourselves!  That’s a lot of reps in a row and you should have the experience and ability to handle that amount prior to doing the full WOD.

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Stewie · May 15, 2014 at 8:49 pm

ANGIE!!!!! I promise! No rhabdo arms for me!

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