Focus on your form.  Deadlifts have a very bad rap for hurting backs.  Bad form hurts your back.  Deadlifts can’t hurt you anymore than the weight plate can, however if you drop that weight plate on your toe it’s gonna hurt.  It’s what you do with a deadlift that will or will not hurt you.  If you aren’t able to hit a weight while maintaining good form, then stop and keep working on your form while lifting a little lighter weight.  Is a two month hiatus due to injury really worth those 10 more lbs on your PR?
Since we are on the subject of things that hurt.  I heard a whole lot of complaining yesterday during the chipper on how much the hands were hurting.  This will obviously get better as you build better calluses and practice.  What I do want to point out is that tissue in your hands gets inflammed and would like some attention just like a sore knee or shoulder.  If your hands are really bothering you and you notice a lot of redness around the calluses, try an ice cube in a paper towel for 10 minutes over those poor calluses.  Let me know how it goes.
Shane showing how to avoid calluses by doing 2 finger pullups! 
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