The forming of a good habit via a phone app has significantly improved my quality of life.   My brother introduced me to this app and the history behind it a few months ago.  Here is more about it:

Seinfeld Calendar

Jerry Seinfeld invented a unique system he used to motivate himself to write. He put a big wall calendar on a prominent place. For each day he did his task of writing, he put a big red X over that day. Then, as he explained ,

“after a few days you’ll have a chain. Just keep at it and the chain will grow longer every day. You’ll like seeing that chain, especially when you get a few weeks under your belt. Your only job next is to not break the chain.”
Of course there are many calendars like this out there and the actual Seinfeld Calendar isn’t on iPhone, I believe its called simply Habit.  Here are some tips: 1.  Make it a tiny goal that is so easy to complete.  2.  Limit your goals to one or two in the beginning.
Want to know what my habit was?   I have experienced some level of back pain and dysfunction for more than 10 years with the worst happening 7 years ago with all sorts of fun nerve involvement cause a numb foot, etc.   I have managed it and able to do pretty much whatever I want, but it still bothered me routinely.  In January when I noticed how addicted my brother was to his “chain”, I decided I would start me a little daily habit.  I tried push ups, but gave up quickly on that idea.  Then I decided I would do ONE minute a day of trunk stability work for my back.  One minute was all I had to do and I would get my little check mark.  I went 50 days straight without missing a day, then I broke my chain and it was highly effective.  Now I am back to 20 days and make darn sure I don’t miss my one minute.  Some days I do a ton of work, but most days I do one whole minute.  I have not had any amount of back pain since late Jan.  And I have maintained a very high level of weightlifting, crossfit, and rearing children.
What habit could you start that would make your life better?  Stretching for one minute a day?  Being grateful once a day?  Smiling at yourself in the mirror twice a day?  It’s amazing what a small thing can do when done consistently.
Thursday’s WOD:
Skill/Mobility: Hollow Holds  and Hamstring Happiness
You will have 3min to run 400m, with remaining time max reps of thrusters (wt:43kg/30kg) Score is #of thrusters.
Rest 2min.
You will have 3min to run 400m, with remaining time max reps of med ball cleans (20lbs/14/lbs)  Score is # of med ball cleans.
*scale weight as needed.  400m Row if you do not run or 2min on bike.
Strength:  3RM deadlift, drop to 80% for AMRAP.  20mins to complete.  Please keep in mind this number may or may not be different than a fresh legged 3RM.  Don’t get wrapped up in that, just pick the weight up and put it back down.   As always, form is crucial.
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Fawn · April 10, 2013 at 7:41 pm

Great blog! I’ve been trying to make four classes a week but it can be challenging with my work schedule. For the last two months I’ve put my work schedule up on Google Calender and I’ll go back and figure out where I can fit in gym sessions. It makes for a jam packed week most of the time but laying it out on a calender keeps me accountable. I may not make the suggested gym time I initially put down but I still make it that day.

I’ve been trying to workout more on overnights but I still need lots of work in that department. I’d also like to stretch everyday so maybe I should try this method. Any specific app that you use?

    Fawn · April 10, 2013 at 7:43 pm

    Nevermind, just reread the blog and clicked on the link. Must have inhaled too many plane fumes today.

Rebecca · April 10, 2013 at 11:07 pm

Wow, good one! This really hits home for me! I need to get it together. I can’t let this back issue get me down, I need to get down on this back issue :-/

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