What signals your body it is hungry?  It’s the “hunger hormone” Grehlin, which is produced in the stomach & pancreas.  In the average person grehlin signals you when it’s time to eat and when it’s time to stop.  So the next time you get that sudden urge to eat something it is Grehlin telling you it’s time to feed your body with healthy whole foods.
Grehlin activates the award center in your brain upon eating, causing feelings of pleasure & elatement.  This thought helps back up the notion that some people can become addicted to food, just like someone who would be addicted to drugs looking for a quick fix to feel “better or normal”.
Does Grehlin affect my weight?
Someone who might be obese or over weight typically has their Grehlin running out of whack and higher than normal, and causing you to feel hungry all the time.  To much of Grehlin isn’t a good thing, it  causes your metabolism to slow down and in turn your fat burning slows causing those extra calories to be stored as fat.  Yep you guessed it more weight gain.
Do you always feel tired and hungry?  Lack of good sleep causes an increase in grehlin production in the body.  And as you know by now it causes you to feel hungry.  The increase in grehlin decreases leptin production, the hormone that helps to suppress your appetite.
What can I do to get this under control?


◦Try to get a minimum of 7-9 hrs a night of uninterrupted sleep

▪Purchase black out curtains & keep your room as quiet as possible

▪Try and sleep with all electronics off or out of the bedroom at all times

▪Dim or Cover the alarm clock if you must use it

▪Wear an eye mask at night if you can’t follow the three steps above


◦Try to eat 3 full meals a day – Not encompassing processed boxed foods and eat more of a real whole foods diet consisting of grass fed meats, pasture raised eggs/poultry, local/organic produce.

▪Eat at the table  – this will cause you to think about what you are eating and enjoy each bite.

▪Chew each bite a minimum of 30-40 times – this will cause you to eat less and allow your body to signal you when it’s time to stop eating.  It also helps you digest your food properly if you chew it fully.


◦Get regular exercise to keep your metabolism moving and burning excess fat


▪Cardio – Elliptical, Running, Walking


Follow these steps, and you just might beat the Grehlin Gremlin once and for all!
Who wants to do a nutrition challenge post holidays?!!  Depending on the interest the next challenge will take place on Monday, January 5th with the kickoff taking place the week prior.  Please comment below if this is of interest to you!!  It will be very similar to our current challenge with a few tweaks. =-D  Or send me a message at Chrissy@Reset-you.com.
Tuesday’s WOD:

1 RM Push Press, Drop to 80% for an AMRAP

5 Rounds
30 Double  Unders
8 Dips (Rx+: 5 Ms Ups)
8 Hang Power Cleans (61kg/43kg)
*Compare to 6/17/14.  Scale as needed.  Happy One Year Anniversary in the new location!
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Stewie · November 18, 2014 at 11:23 am

great WOD

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