Tips for increasing your grip strength.

Wednesday’s WOD:

Skill:  STRICT Chest to Bar Pull Ups: 3reps on the minute every minute for 5 mins.  *the bar must make contact below your clavicle (collar bone).  this may require a small band.  use it and get full range, but this should not be easy by any means.


Teams of two: you have 3 mins to complete the following: (you must complete shuttle runs prior to double unders, one teammate working at a time.)

8 Shuttle Runs

80 Double Unders (100-150 for Rx+ people who are great at double unders)

Rest 1 Minute and Repeat Total of 4 times.

*Keep your jumping rope to the sides of the room.  Modifications: For people who do not run, you will do the same shuttle pattern but walking while doing a farmer’s carry: 53lbs/35lbs are good weights.  For the DUs: 300 singles or 100 mountain climbers. NO STEP UPS!


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