Great work today on Fran!  Lots of PRs.


1.  I would like to have a LAST MINUTE Holiday/Member’s Appreciation Party on Saturday Dec. 21st in the evening.  Who is down for such a thing?

2.  If you are a parent and would like information on kids programs, please put your name and email on the sign up sheet that is on the front desk.  Or you can email me ( and let me know to add you to my list.  Thank you.

3.  We will begin to offer various products for sale: beverages, Reebok shoes and apparel, and some basic gear like tape/ropes/etc.  Our first shipment of the beverage Amara came in today and I wanted to give you guys some info on the product.

At Amara we believe enjoying a healthy, balanced lifestyle and pursuing what you love are keys to happiness. Our CEO, Greg Connolly, founded Amara because he was searching for the ultimate functional drink and couldn’t find one on the market. He crafted Amara to be the low Calorie, all-natural combination of the benefits found in his three favorite drinks: Sports Drinks, Energy Drinks, and Superfruit drinks. The process started in the most humble way with Greg mixing these drinks in a water bottle for himself and his friends. This showed him that there were other people out there just like him who were seeking healthy alternatives. After continuing to watch his friends and family consume the high Calorie, artificial beverages available on the market, Greg perfected the blend through research and consulting with industry experts and decided it was time he made his 3-in-1 drink available to everyone.

Please visit for more info.


Thursday’s WOD:


Deadlift 3RM, Drop to 80% for AMRAP


AMRAP 10min

12 Pistols

10 Single Leg V-Up (5 each leg)

8 Good Morning

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Stewie · December 11, 2013 at 7:17 pm

Party YES!! I’m interested in such a thing!

Jolly · December 12, 2013 at 8:04 am

I’m in if there’s a party!

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