Dear Team,

Remember to update your goals. As you get stronger or mature as an athlete it is important to keep your goals up to date to keep you focused and to manage your progress. Goals help you determine where you are succeeding and where you need work.

Keep goals realistic, the point is to reach them. Also set a deadline. A sense of urgency will keep you on the ball. I’ve been looking at the goal section of the whiteboard and I have noticed that many of the goals are outdated or that there is no goal by your name or that your name isn’t even on the board. For shame people.



Tuesday’s WOD:

Push Press

5×2 increasing


3 Rounds

40 Double Unders

20 Deadlifts (wt:90kg, 60kg)

*If you are just learning to do double unders, change the number to 20 or so, but definitely do double unders.  The only way to improve at them is to do them.  I prefer you reduce the number and get real reps vs. do 40 attempts because I believe attempts start bad habits.  Do it, be excited!

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