It happens all the time. You check the posts the night before, or you just walked into the gym and saw the WOD on the whiteboard. You second guess whether or not if you should do it. Thoughts cross your mind like, can I make it back to my car without anyone noticing, my shoulder feels really sore today all of a sudden,  I think I left the oven on. When a workout makes you feel this way it usually means that it contains one or more of your weaknesses, i.e. things you suck at. The best remedy is to just get over it. Show up, do the class and defeat your weaknesses. Time and time again I’ve seen people who went from hating cleans or pull ups and consciously decided to work on their situation, and soon enough it becomes their strength and suddenly they love it! Always keep in mind that you come here to better yourself; be it to lose weight, get stronger, or to just be damn sexy. A part of success is prevailing where you have failed before, doing the things that are hard for you, and making them easier.


Coach Reets


Thursday’s WOD:

Skill Work:  HSPU

Weighted Pull Ups:  10 mins to establish a 1 rep max  (if you can do more than you can hook on your feet, use the dip belt)

Back Squat: 3reps every minute on the minute for 10 mins at 75% of your 1RM (if you are new or do not know your 1RM ask a coach to help you)


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Crystal Rose · August 4, 2011 at 4:59 pm

I can dig it.

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