Do you ever wonder why I have you all do the Turkish Get Up and what is it even working?   As a PT, I absolutely must isolate and focus on one muscle, joint, movement, etc. during times of rehab or to fix aberrant movements.  In life, however, isolating doesn’t really do much for major functional tasks in life.  And our goal is to have a happier, healthier life, not just have popping biceps, right?  Right, team??  With exercises like the Turkish Get Up, you are working everything at once making it a great exercise to meet our primary goal of a happier, healthier life.  And once you have that kind of stability and strength in the trunk and shoulder girdle, your muscles are free to pop all day long whilst you hold heavy objects overhead with ease.  Here are some other articles about the exercise: Australian Dude and a Young Dude

Wednesday’s WOD:


Turkish Get Ups: 15 each side, working up to a heavy weight, alternate however you like.


3 Rounds

16 Overhead Lunges (15kg/10kg plate)

16 Plate Burpees (15kg/10kg)

*Compare to 5/7/14.  Scale the weight as needed.

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