Step One:

Our goal is always that you have a positive experience.   Plesae read the following and choose what best fits for you.

A.  If you have significant CrossFit experience, please go to step 3. 

B.  If you are injury free, comfortable in group classes, and are ready to get going, please go to Step 2. 

C. If you have some injuries, medical concerns or just aren’t sure yet, please set up a Free Consultation Session.  In this session we will show you the facility, answer your questions, discuss your goals and set up the best path for you to achieve those goals. This is not a sales meeting, so don’t fret! We are here to help get you started with our programs, not sell you a timeshare!   Please fill out this form.   Once we receive your information, we will reach out to coordinate a time to meet.   

Step Two:

Everyone new to CrossFit will either attend our small group Basics course or complete one-on-one private training sessions to review the basics of CrossFit movements, workouts, and safety.  You can see the small group Basics schedule here.  If these times do not work for you, please email us at to discuss a private session.

Step Three:

Once you complete Step Two, you are welcome to signup for any of our CrossFit Classes!  Memberships are found here.  

If you have CrossFit Experience you can register for a membership or drop in HERE

Please email for questions.  We also offer licensed Physical Therapy services, personal training, online program access memberships, and other non-CrossFit classes.