Did you know we are collecting donations for Calico center located here in San Leandro?  There is a large donation box by the front door.  They are specifically looking for new blankets, books, and toys.  Every child that goes to the Calico Center gets a new blanket, book, and toy.  Please consider picking up a little something extra on your next shopping trip for these little people.   Thank you.

Friday’s WOD:

Skill:  Alternate between the following.  5-10 reps each.  Form should be great, as well as effort.

Banded Push Ups

Y’s on the Rings


AMRAP 3min/1min rest 4 Rounds

3 Hang Power Snatch

6 Push Press or Push Jerk

9 Ring Rows

*The weight is dependent upon your ability.  Weight ideas:  40/30kg, 50/35kg, 60/43kg.  I would like to see you go a little heavier, doing less rounds versus going light and getting a lot of rounds.


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