Did you know that attendance drops during the holiday season by more than 10%?  Membership doesn’t change, just the attendance.  I am guessing it’s all the holidays parties, family obligations, travel, etc.  This year, I challenge you all to watch your attendance and don’t let it decrease because of the holiday season.  You’ve work hard all year, let’s not lose any ground just because ’tis the season.   You can also find activities to do with your kids if they are off of school.  Race to the top of a hill a few times, winner chooses something else to do.  Play hide and go seek, but you must bear crawl to each other.  Have some fun while keeping your fitness goals going!

Friday’s WOD:


Ring Row 5 sets to failure:  You are to do the hardest ring row you can do for sets of 3-8.  Use weight, etc to make it really challenging.  Form must be perfect.


5 Rounds

8 RKB Swings (heavy for you)

1-2 Rounds of Cindy:  5 Pull Ups/10 Push Ups/15 Squats

**Choose the number of rounds based on your ability.  Time cap of 15mins if needed.

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Trainer · November 6, 2014 at 8:47 pm

Everyone saves working out for the new year, new beginnings! Now is the time to pack on the clay so it can be molded later.

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