Tuesday’s WOD:


Push Press 1RM, drop to 80% for AMRAP, then 60% for AMRAP


4 Rounds

5 Hang Power Snatches

10 Burpees

Wt Ideas:  43/30kg, 50/35kg, 60kg/43kg)

*Choose the weight that is appropriate for you.  It should be challenging to go unbroken on all sets, but doable.

CASH OUT:  3 attempts at max consecutive pushups.  If you know you can easily do 25+ every time, then do 3×10 clapping push ups.


The next time you are at the grocery store and find yourself wondering what the 4 or 5 digit PLU (price look up) code means here is a quick decoder tool.

  • Conventional – Grown with chemicals and pesticides
    • Codes
      • Always starts with the number 3 or 4
      • Four digit codes
        • Example: 4260
    • Purchase from the clean 15 list as they aren’t required organic because of the low exposure rate absorbed by the produce from the chemicals or pesticides used on them.
  • Organic – Grown without chemicals and pesticides
    • Codes
      • Always start with the number 9
      • Always a 5 digit code
        • Example: 93089
    • Always purchase with confidence in knowing you won’t be exposed to any chemicals or pesticides.
    • Can’t afford organic only?
      • Purchase all vegetables/fruits conventional aside from the dirty dozen.
      • These should always be purchased organic or avoided if you can’t afford because of the high levels of pesticides and chemicals found in testing.
  • FrankenFood Produce – Grown using genetically modified seeds most like from Monsanto and use of chemicals and pesticides.
    • Codes
      • Always starts with the number 8
      • Five digit codes
        • Example: 84068
  • GMO – Genetically modified organism  (not as nature intended)
    • Grown unnaturally via genetic modification in a lab
  • Avoid these products for optimal health and purchase only organic or conventional.
  • EWC APP for your smart phone
    • Dirty Dozen
      • Lists the top 12 produce items to avoid unless buying organic only
    • Clean 15
      • Lists the top 15 foods that can be purchased conventional with safe use after washing before eating.
    • I use these lists almost every time I am at the store and wonder are brussels sprouts okay to eat conventional if they don’t have organic?  If they aren’t I move onto the next type of produce to have with that meal that is safe to consume organic or conventional.
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