Tuesday’s WOD:


Seated Band Rows: 100 Reps


5 Rounds

16 DB Power Snatch

8 Ring Rows

8 Pike Push Ups

*Compare to 1/27/15. You choose the weight.


Reset CFSL Challenge

Kick Off Meeting:  Sunday, May 17th @10am at CFSL

Challenge Starts: May 20, 2015 / Ends: June 19, 2015

  • Challenge will run 30 days prior to the hydrostatic testing scheduled for June 20th
  • Minimum of 7 participants for the challenge to kick off.
  • All participants must be paid in full by 5/13.
    • Lock in your spot by reaching out to me directly via email or phone.


  • $100 New Challengers
  • $80 Past Reset CFSL Challengers
  • $120 Non CFSL Challengers


  • Participant Questionnaire – Private online google doc that will need to be filled out by 5/13.
    • Reset will provide personalized Macronutrient Ratios based on goals in kickoff packet.
  • Reset CFSL – Facebook Support Group – Private to participants in the challenge.
    • Share recipes, questions for the group, challenges, successes etc.
  • 4 week Meal Plan via Google Docs – If you choose to use it.
  • Food Log Review provided at week 1 and 2 via email to each participant.
    • Participants must log their food on myfitnesspal with macronutrients determined for you prior to the kickoff meeting.  We will set this up as a group at the kickoff meeting.
  • 30 Minute – In Person Wrap up Session – Week 3
    • This will take place on Saturday 6/13.  If you can’t meet in person we can schedule a time to conduct via phone on Saturday or Sunday that weekend.
  • Example of Handouts for Participants:
    • Personalized Recommendations for Challenge
    • Dining Out Tips, Approved Food List, Shopping Guide, Snack Guide

Raffle Entry – Ways to Earn Points for the Raffle Prize(s):  Raffle items will be announced at Kickoff.


  • 1 week = 1 point, with a total of 4 points possible.
  • Keep a complete food log kept based from macronutrients provided in myfitnesspal app
  • Post question/comment or recipe each week on shared Facebook
  • BONUS Points
  • Write review on Yelp of your experience after challenge wraps = 2 points


Questions? Contact Chrissy w/ Reset Nutrition:  510-823-7785 or Chrissy@Reset-you.com


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